“Don’t Look Up”: a Movie about our Collective State of Denialism

“In the psychology of human behavior, denialism is a person’s choice to deny reality as a way to avoid a psychologically uncomfortable truth.”

The movie felt like a satire of what I experience in my daily life. I have spent years studying the nature and hidden root cause of human unsustainable patterns. According to our findings and they are very clear, the comet that will destroy us if we don’t do something about it is our ancestral survival instinct deep rooted in the collective unconscious and increasingly destructive with exponential technological progress for which it is not made (it’s a time bomb for the human species and life on earth).

The mechanisms of denial are powerful and pervasive in all of us. Most people refuse to face the dramatic situation in which we find ourselves (loss of biodiversity, destruction of ecosystems, inequality, etc.), they ignore even more the unconscious mechanisms that are causing it, because acknowledging them involves profound introspection and questionning at all levels.

How most humans face the impending global sustainability crisis

In the office we spend our days creating content, tools and searching for ways to get the message across in order to awaken the sleeping vast majority about the danger and nature of the threat before it’s too late. With time, I have learned to deal with the high level of denial and apathy all around me. But sometimes when I think about it, all seems completely unreal and insane: we are in the process of destroying our planet ecosystems and our future out of unconsciousness, ignorance and greed and we prefer to ignore the obvious and its implications because it is too disturbing and unsettling.

Breaking the vicious cycle of denialism — vulgarisation

The metaverse, electric cars and all these billionaires gadgets might distract us a little further but they won’t save us from our unsustainable ways. If we refuse to change and continue on that path, our globalized civilization will collapse with all that it implies in terms of suffering, destruction and death.

We can still change trajectory and avoid disaster. And for that we don’t need to look up. We need to find the courage to look at what is happening both on the surface of the planet, and inside of ourselves. When we will see both clearly, (and it might require some time to process our thoughts and emotions) we will know what to do.

Unless we prefer to push unconsciousness, stupidity and greed to the limits and experience a global civilisation collapse…




Benjamin is the founder of New World Together, an Interdisciplinary Research & Education platform pioneering Holistic Sustainability with Human Solutions.

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Benjamin Casteillo

Benjamin Casteillo

Benjamin is the founder of New World Together, an Interdisciplinary Research & Education platform pioneering Holistic Sustainability with Human Solutions.

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